The defendant no one heard (FR)

About this performance

During the night of 16 May 2018, two-year-old Mawda Shawri was killed by a police bullet on the motorway near Mons. This week brings the verdict in the trial meant to identify those responsible for her death.

As theatre creators at KVS, we want to bring the story of “the defendant no one heard”: the alleged driver. Not to answer the question of guilt, because that’s not our job, but to bring justice for the humanity that was taken from him. To let his voice be heard in a case where his story was not given the time of day. Maybe he was driving the fugitive van, maybe not. Maybe he is a human trafficker, maybe not. Above all, he is a human in search of a better life. Guilty or not, he has the right to be heard. The right to a fair trial.

This podcast is centred around a re-enactment of the things theatre creators Kristin Rogghe and Marie-Aurore d’Awans observed and noted down during the trial. As citizens who are concerned with the state of justice in our country, they sought a vessel to express what they had experienced.

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